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    Vigil of the Assumption  

3:00...Chaplet of Divine Mercy (Grotto)

3:15 pm… Stations of the Cross

4:30..............Supper (RC Hall) - Please book by August 2nd. Call (306) 593-6120

6:00-Hymns of Praise to Mary (Filipino Choir)

6:00-7:45… Confessions
8:00 …. Mass - Celebration of the Holy Eucharist.
*Plenary Indulgence
*Exposition & Adoration of the           Blessed Sacrament

Feast of the Assumption of Mary

8:30 am - Morning Devotional Prayer to Mary in Polish (Church)
9:00 - Mass in Polish (Church)

10:00 am: Divine Liturgy in the Byzantine Rite

11:00..................… Final Mass
*Anointing of the Sick & Aged
*Blessing for Plenary Indulgence
*Blessing of Religious Articles
12:30 - Meal in the Hall after Mass. Please book by Aug 2nd
(306) 593-6120 

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Please bring cash to make purchases. 

If tenting or camping, come early so that you have a spot of your choice!



If you would like to make a donation to the St. Anthony's Parish to keep Pilgrimage continuing ever year, please:

Make your cheque payable to: St. Anthony's Church,  Box 1,  RAMA, SK   S0A 3H0
Tax receipts will be issued. Thank you for your generosity!

78th PILGRIMAGE ~ August 14th & 15th


1. Accommodations​


Camper; Tenting; Hotel & Bed and Breakfast


1. Camper/Tenting - Bring your camper/tent a day ahead and place it near the shrine or in the Rama park.


a) Good Spirit Provincial Park - 45 min. from Rama

b) Duck Mountain Provincial Park 

c) Green Water Provincial Park

3. Hotel

a) Canora Motel

b) Yorkton Hotel(s)

4. If interested in staying at a parishioners' home for Bed & Breakfast

 call (306) 593-6120.

2. Bring the following (Recommendations):



*Mosquito Repellant & Suntan lotion

*Blanket (stay warm in the evening)

*Bring cash as Rama Parish does not have debit/credit card pay. 

*Bring cash for purchasing religious articles, meals and to purchase a candle                                                         for the candlelight procession!


3. Meals:

August 14th~

Please pre-book before August 2nd for Supper at 4:30 PM. 

Call (306) 593-6120 if interested.


Evening Lunch - August 14th - Home-made dessert & hot dogs

are available after the candlelight procession (Aug 14th).

August 15th~

 Breakfast - Toast & Coffee

 Lunch after 12:00 pm Mass.

4. Transportation Alternatives

Charter Bus from Saskatoon - August 14th (Only). It returns to Saskatoon the same night). 

Call Mila (306) 664-3695 to book a spot! $36.00 per seat!

Charter Bus from Humboldt - Call Nestor at (306) 682-2048

5. Volunteer Opportunities

If interested in volunteering please call 306.593.6120


Your help would be greatly appreciated! 

Assistance is needed to prepare for Pilgrimage and clean up after Pilgrimage as well - (eg. cleaning, serving meals, cleaning in the church, the Parish Hall, and at the Shrine).


If interested, send us an email directly through this website, on the facebook page or via email Call (306) 593-6120 if you have further questions.

*Meal Preparation
*Preparation for Pilgrimage in the Grotto and Rama Hall before and after Pilgrimage.
*Spring Cleaning
*Fall Cleaning
*Parish Cleaning & Updating
*Reading, music, etc assistance during mass

Call/Email if interested!

Call (306) 593-6120




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